Top 5 Reasons to Work at Forward Edge

If you have visited our Careers Page, you have probably seen the Top 5 Reasons to Work at Forward Edge, but as you can imagine, there is a lot more to those reasons than we could fit on a single web page. Continue reading for an insight into our company and unique culture!

peopleOur People: In the Forward Edge family, we place a high value on supporting our team members personally and professionally. We hire a diverse pool of people who are passionate about technology and education; these individuals range from Senior Network Engineers and Google Experts to Licensed Ohio Teachers. We even have a few team members who work as chefs on Fridays for our weekly office cookouts!

providerLeading Provider: Forward Edge continues to be a leading provider in all things technology education. We encourage our employees to look for new trends in our field and bring any and all new innovations in technology or education to the company, making sure we are offering the best services available to all of our customers.

growingFast Growing: The Forward Edge team has been growing exponentially recently, in fact, just this year we have already expanded our company with six new members! And luckily, we only continue to see this trend increase. This means a lot of opportunities to differentiate our team with new members to keep up with demand.

advancedAbility to Advance: With the significant growth of our company, the ability to advance and increase your responsibility it always available. We continuously encourage employees to develop and diversify their positions to support their future professional advancement with the company.

workDiversity of Work: In the fast pace work environment of Forward Edge the opportunities to learn new technologies, systems, clients and roles is constant. We also like to develop our team members with training and incentive opportunities to make sure they are continuously challenged personally and professional improving in the daily work.

 Though those are all great reasons to join the Forward Edge team, they are nowhere close to all of them! Employees at Forward Edge also have the opportunity to be part of a collaborative team that is truly passionate about being partners with our schools, work with management to map their careers and be part of a leading team for technology education. If you are interested in learning more, visit our careers page and look at some of our open positions. Even if you do not find anything that fits your desired position, submit a resume and tell us a little about yourself, we are always looking to add valuable team members!