Badges are in Bloom with Edge•U

As educators and leaders understand the transformation that evolves each day in their careers, it’s becoming increasingly essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in their field to provide students with the best possible engagement in education. 

One way to do this is through ongoing professional development, and micro-credentials are an increasingly popular option. Let’s explore the importance of earning authentic professional development through micro-credentials and the impact it can have on classroom involvement with students!

What are micro-credentials?

They are earned through brief online courses, workshops, or other professional development opportunities and are typically focused on a specific skill or topic. They are usually concisely targeted strategies, allowing educators to acquire new skills quickly and efficiently.

At Edge•U, our badges are in full BLOOM! We offer a focus on professional development and a commitment to a vibrant, engaging learning environment for educators and faculty. We believe that dedication to professional learning can truly be achieved anytime and anywhere! Our program was developed by teachers for teachers in the hopes to provide purposeful means to directly impact student success.

Here are three suggestions to consider:

  1. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies

The field of education is constantly evolving, and new technologies and teaching methods are emerging all the time. By earning badges with Edge•U, educators can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and edtech tools in their field and incorporate them into their teaching practice. This, in turn, can help stimulate student curiosity and create excitement for learning. For instance, gamification can be used to make lessons more engaging and interactive. Similarly, a teacher who earns a badge in SEL can gain methods to approach learners and create a more inclusive classroom.

2. Broaden your skillset

Earning badges can also help educators broaden their skill set, build on their confidence, and take on new challenges. Educators and leaders can enhance their versatility and readiness to address the diverse needs of their students by acquiring new techniques and strategies. Learning never grows old! Incorporating new technologies and teaching methods can create a more dynamic and interactive classroom environment, which can enhance teacher-student relationships. Engaged students are more likely to form trusting relationships with their teachers and become more invested in their education. 

3. Enhance your professional profile

Edge•U badges can also enhance an educator’s professional profile, demonstrating their commitment to professional development and their expertise in specific areas of certification. This can be particularly valuable when applying for jobs or seeking advancement in your career. Earning micro-credentials is a growing and essential implementation of professional development for educators. 

Each Edge•U badge has been intuitively designed to support educators in all areas of technological learning. With over 250+ badges to choose from that are aligned with ISTE standards, there is room for voice and choice in selecting what professional development will provide proficiency in various areas of learning. Since the platform experience is customizable to each participant, it is a promising way to engage educators of all skill levels in the development of education-technology skills and instructional leadership.

Edge•U offers an array of learning opportunities in the form of micro-credentials whereby participants browse to select the topic and development scope that is appropriate to their personal development goals. Our commitment to building relationships with districts and educators comes first and we consider them part of our Edge•U family!