Introducing our Edge•U Learning Luminary!

Ernie Conner is the Director of Instructional Technology for Granville County Public Schools in Oxford, North Carolina. With a fervent passion for innovation and a dedication to fostering a love for learning, Ernie stands at the forefront of leveraging technology for his educators.

At the heart of Ernie’s philosophy lies the belief that continuous professional learning is essential for educators to thrive in the ever-evolving digital age. He advocates for utilizing tools and resources that not only enhance skill sets but also nurtures enthusiasm for teaching. Ernie champions Edge•U as a hub for personalized PD experiences tailored to educators’ needs.

Ernie’s journey with Edge•U is nothing short of inspiring. Since joining in September 2023, he has not only embraced the platform wholeheartedly but has also risen to currently hold the top position on Granville’s District Leaderboard with over 55 badges earned!  His positive perspective in learning and earning badges serves as a testament to his professional growth.

What sets Ernie apart is not just his personal achievements but his desire to uplift his colleagues and staff. Through engaging PD sessions and insightful tips, he empowers others to harness the power of technology in education.

One standout example is his introduction of the “One Tab Terrific” Edge•U badge, a simple tech tool that streamlines workflow and enhances productivity. Thanks to Ernie’s guidance, this tool has quickly gained traction across the district, illustrating the impact that one educator’s enthusiasm can have on an entire district.

We find that he is not just a leader in the field of educational technology but a luminary of innovation. His dedication to learning, coupled with his continuous enthusiasm, serves as a catalyst for positive change within Granville County Public Schools and beyond. We appreciate Ernie’s example of enriching teaching and learning by embracing technology in and out of the classroom!

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