Engineering and Computer Science in Top 3 Degrees Employers Want in 2015

The National Association of Colleges and Employers, also referred to as NACE, recently released its findings of a survey with responses from 162 companies. NACE_logoThis survey covers topics that not only include the percentage of graduates these companies will hire (9.6% more than 2014 graduates!), but also the top degrees and skill sets employers are looking for in these new graduates. Here at Forward Edge, we were excited to see some of our industry graduate degrees and skills at the top of the list!

Topping the list of degrees wanted in 2015 graduates is engineering with approximately 72% of companies saying they will be looking for students that have a focus in engineering. With a degree in computer science following quickly in the number 3 spot, it comes as no surprise that many of those engineering degrees require extensive knowledge with technology and computer applications. NACE stated 58% of their employers are looking for those computer science degrees; a number Forward Edge expects to rise significantly in the coming years while businesses continue to migrate to the digital work environment.

Following the degrees these companies are looking for, they were also asked the skills they value most when it comes to their new hires. Seeing information technology application included on this list was expected as companies continue to understand the growing role technology plays in the all industries. When looking at potential new hires, they see the value individuals with this skill set can provide to advancing their business.

The increase of need in these degrees and skills shows Forward Edge the continued advancement technology is making in all industries. With evolving technologies comes the necessity to have graduates in both high school and college versed in these engineering and computer science skills so that when the time comes, they will be ready and able to keep up with the demands of their employers and society requirements.

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