Forest Hills School District Won a $10,000 Education Technology Makeover

Forest Hills School District Won a $10,000 Education Technology Makeover… Could You Be 2018’s Recipient?


When APC by Schneider Electric announced it’s first-ever $10,000 K-12 Makeover Contest last year, Forward Edge took the opportunity to enter one of its partner schools for the award, Forest Hills Local School District (FHSD) in Cincinnati, OH.

Like many districts, Forest Hills had already downsized its IT department to better focus on educating students, its core competency. But they still needed to ensure they were at the cutting edge of technology. So they chose Forward Edge—the largest K-12-focused technology provider in Ohio—to become their education technology consultant and augment the district’s core IT capabilities with on-site IT expertise.

Over time, the relationship grew into a true partnership. When Forward Edge learned about the contest, they immediately thought of Turpin High School’s outdated server room. Ben Carson, Account Manager at Forward Edge worked with the on-site IT team to take pictures and enter the server room into the contest in hopes of kicking off a much-needed upgrade for the district. After considering hundreds of entrants, APC selected Turpin High School as the recipient of the $10,000 award because they felt compelled to help them create a safer environment with more updated equipment.


Turpin High School, located in Anderson Township, was built/renovated in 1974. FHSD is currently undergoing massive renovations on buildings as well as building new schools. The funds will help Forest HIlls upgrade its equipment to improve internet connectivity and reliability and better support Turpin High School students’ classroom usage of tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks to communicate, collaborate, and create.

With such a rapid increase of devices in schools, it’s now more important than ever for schools to upgrade their wireless infrastructure. Forward Edge hopes that its other partner schools take advantage of this opportunity, and other contests available in order to jumpstart technology advancements they may not have been able to plan and budget for otherwise.

Now It’s Your Turn…

If your server room or closet (and budget!) could use a boost in 2018, contact your Forward Edge sales representative or call (513)-761-3343 to enter! All entries submitted between Jan. 1, 2018, and June 30, 2018, will be eligible for consideration.