Visit Forward Edge’s Technology Integration Staff at ISTE 2019 in Philidelphia!

Visit Forward Edge at #ISTE19!


The annual ISTE Conference & Expo is globally hailed as the most comprehensive educational technology conference in the world; Educators and education leaders have congregated at the ISTE conference for over thirty years in order to exchange ideas, network with other innovators, and engage in high-impact, hands-on learning.

This event attracts over 16,000 attendees regularly, which include all range of teachers, technology coordinators, library media specialists, policymakers, and other industry representatives.

Our team is so excited to be heading to the ISTE 2019 this June and have three of our own Technology Integration Specialists from the Curriculum and Technology Integration team presenting – Katie Ritter Siemer, Tyler Erwin, and Michael Roush! Learn more about their sessions below.


Our Sessions at #ISTE19

Connect, Create, and Collaborate: Edtech Coaches PLN Best Practices and Favorite Tools
– Monday, June 24th •4:00pm – 5:00pm (Katie Ritter Siemer)

This is the annual face to face gathering of the Edtech Coaches Network. We welcome Edtech Coaches of all experience levels to join us as we gather to form connections and share ideas that will benefit you, your colleagues, and your students throughout the entire year. In order for Edtech coaches to assist and support teachers in the effective use of technology, they must maintain their own continual professional development.

One of the most powerful resources available to coaches is other practicing coaches. The ultimate goal of our PLN is to create a community of professionals that supports each other while implementing the entire set of coaching standards. This session will address ISTE Coaching Standard 6 through facilitating connections that will provide opportunities for collaboration and support throughout the entire year. This on-demand networking system will provide continuous learning and support for Edtech Coaches as they implement the other coaching standards in their daily responsibilities.


My First Year of Formal Coaching Cycles
Presented during “Edtech Coaches Playground: Helping Teachers Grow”
– Tuesday, June 25th •9:30am – 1:00pm (Tyler Erwin)

This session will highlight practical takeaways for new coaches who want to implement the GROW coaching model to deepen their impact with teachers, by exploring what coaches need to do before they first initiate coaching cycles in their school/district, how instructional coaches can conduct formal coaching cycles with teachers in their school/district, and what challenges might hinder progress and how coaches can combat them. This, along with other tips and strategies from the presenter, helps teachers reap the benefits of the coaching process using the GROW model and transform their teaching.


Edtech Coaches Playground: Helping Teachers Grow
– Tuesday, June 25th •9:30am – 1:00pm (Katie Ritter Siemer)

The purpose of this session is to provide an opportunity for those who serve as Edtech Coaches to receive professional development on coaching strategies. As the role of a coach changes from school district to school district, many different models for the position exist. Additionally, the amount of support available for those in this role varies greatly. Typically the one to give PD, the coach rarely has a chance to learn strategies for best practice in their position. Many coaches have come to this session in the past with a desire to better help their teachers, and have come away with strategies to do just that. Our objectives in this session are threefold: Provide an opportunity for coaches to learn more about the act of coaching, share new and innovative uses of technology, and create a solution set for various coaching scenarios which coaches will be able to apply to their own settings


The Shifting Roles of Ed Tech Coaches When MakerSpaces Become Involved
Presented during “Edtech Coaches Playground: Helping Teachers Grow”
– Tuesday, June 25th •10:45am – 11:45am (Michael Roush)

How does ed tech coaching change when your district starts a makerspace? See how one district worked to intentionally integrate an Active Learning Lab into their practice, without losing focus on other important educational technology initiatives, such as blended learning and a 1:1 program! The engineering design process helps to pull everything together in this highly engaging student-centered environment. The session will give insight into planning for makerspace integration alongside tech integration.

Don’t Forget to Visit Us in Booth #136 in the Expo Hall!


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For more information on sessions you can attend at ISTE 2019, the full conference schedule can be found here. We look forward to meeting all attendees and discussing your IT, Curriculum and K-12 needs and solutions! Contact Katie Ritter Siemer at or 513-761-3343 for more information on Forward Edge’s sessions.