Skilled Coaches Prepare to Become Google Certified Trainers


Last month we shared some of the creative ways our integration coaches are helping teachers to better understand and utilize Google tools in the classroom through their Google Educator Level 1 certifications.

In addition to Google Level 1 and 2 certification bootcamps, we also offer Google Certified Trainer preparation for your district coaches and advanced users. Our train-the-trainer bootcamp gives educators the knowledge and ability to create and carry out training plans for the other teachers in your district. This transforms the way professional development is facilitated and ensures educators are taught the skills they need to succeed in the digital age.

Incorporating such meaningful technology in the classroom was a district-wide goal at Lakota Local Schools last year. Specifically, they were looking to grow educators’ skill sets and use of technology tools like G Suite for Education to propel their district into the future. At the time, Lakota’s team had just merged their content coaches with their instructional technology coaches- forming one academic coaching team, which created an environment of lifelong learners combined and digital leaders. In addition to this merge, Lakota Local Schools were also getting ready to roll out a 1:1 program at their high schools and introducing G Suite for Education to their staff (and students).  It was critical to the team that they were a step ahead of the teachers, and ready to support shifts in teaching at a deep level. That’s when Forward Edge came in the mix. 

That spring, the Forward Edge Curriculum & Technology Integration team worked with Lakota Local Schools to prepare their team of about 20 academic coaches to be better prepared to train teachers in their district on Google tools. In the course of a week, participants covered Google Level 1, Google Level 2 and Trainer topics, such as designing quality professional development, screencast tips, trainer video tips, and more.

As Director of Digital Learning at Lakota, Krista Heidenreich felt she saw a definite return on the investment with Forward Edge’s Google Train-the-Trainer bootcamp, “Forward Edge not only provided our team the structure and resources we were hoping for in a Google Trainer Bootcamp but also created an environment for learning that was productive, comfortable, safe and dare I even say…FUN! We were all impressed with the thorough approach to covering a lot of information in just a few days.”

Lakota’s academic coaching team was able to utilize the supplied training in a way that was truly valuable for future planning,  personal development initiatives, and classroom instruction on G Suite for Education apps and tools. Not only did the bootcamp provide participants with a vast amount of information, but it also gave them the confidence and tenacity to lead others in the district to reach their technology integration goals. Heidi Adams, an Innovation Specialist at Lakota,  explained further, saying that, “ I’m so excited that I now have the opportunity to train others, and get more teachers excited about G-Suite and the unlimited potential of Google tools!” Adams also noted, “The fast pace critical thinking exercises during the training energized me! It made me want to learn more, and to continue on my Google path.”

With the help of Forward Edge, the Lakota Local Schools were able to provide its staff with professional learning to better utilize digital tools, leading to a positive impact on student growth and learning. For more information on our Google Certified Trainer Bootcamp or to schedule your district’s training, call us at (513) 761-3343 or email!