MACUL 2022 Must-See Sessions

Another month, another conference for the Forward Edge team! We’re so excited to travel to Grand Rapids, MI this week for the MACUL 2022 conference, starting today, March 16th, and ending March 18th. We are still riding the wave from our trip to FETC and TCEA a few weeks ago, which makes us more excited for another in-person EdTech conference. It’s good to connect with others with such a passion for the future of education!

Throughout the week you can find us at Booth #343 talking about our anytime, anywhere micro-credentialing program, Edge•U Badges, or see a few of our Instructional Design Coaches presenting engaging sessions throughout the week! Check out more information on the sessions you won’t want to miss, below!

Thursday, March 16th Sessions

Second Date Update: Tech Edition

10:00am with Lisa Kuhn and Annamarie Rinehart

How often does a teacher try a new tool or strategy, just to decide they are giving up because something went wrong? As coaches & leaders in tech integration, it is important for us to have strategies for connecting teachers & students with the best tech for the job. Participants play an active role in encouraging teachers to try, try again & will return to their schools with strategies to implement to build tech resilience in their colleagues.

Become the Historical Storyteller: EdTech Tools for Social Studies

1:00PM with Justin Thomas 

In this presentation, teachers will learn how to use educational technology tools to help bring history alive as a relevant subject matter for all students. By re-examining how we teach history, we can help students make connections to the past and engage in self-discovery. With the right edtech tools, you can allow your students to become the historical storyteller and truly illustrate how history has impacted all of us in today’s world!

2, 4, 6, 8! How Can We Collaborate?!

At 2:30pm with Lisa Kuhn 

Feel overwhelmed with all that is expected of you? Wish you had someone to bounce ideas off or to co-teach a lesson with you? In a world where educators have more responsibilities than ever, we must find ways to lighten that load. How can we work smarter, not harder? Collaboration is one way to do just that! Teachers, admin, and coaches join me and discover how to learn from and with each other. Let’s “Move Forward TOGETHER”!

Bring Your PD a ‘Spark of Joy’ 

4:00pm with Dr. Katie Ritter and Emily Cowan 

Discover how Edge•U Badges is changing the way educators imagine PD! “We are able to tailor PD in a way that is actually applicable to us… [Edge•U] actually allows us to do things that are meaningful to us” “I can find something that’s relevant to my classes and what I’m doing every day, instead of sitting through something with glazed eyes.” “I’m a hands-on learner… [so the way it’s been taught] I can stop and practice” “I was that teacher that was always coming into someone else’s room asking for help with technology, so having Edge-U as a tool has increased my confidence” “The teachers that have really embraced Edge•U…how it has transformed things and seeing them excited about things, and to watch their students has been awesome”

Friday, March 18th Sessions

The Hybrid Coach

9:00am with Tracee Keough 

Join Tracee Keough in this poster session to talk about The Hybrid Coach! The playground is located in the Amway Grand Center in the Ambassador Ballroom Foyer at 9:00am to learn more!

A Tale of Two Coaches

10:00am with Annamarie Rinehart and Lisa Kuhn

It was a new edtech coach and a veteran ed tech coach; it was an entire district and a single school; it was the year of virtual learning and the year of hybrid learning…and sometimes both. Join two edtech coaches as they discuss their different tales from their coaching experiences, the successes and challenges, and what you can take away for your own building or district no matter what your tale may be.

Reviving Social Studies with Cross-Curricular Project 

10:00am with Justin Thomas and Tracee Keough 

This session will take participants on a journey through time to bring social studies back to all classrooms through the integration of cross-curricular planning. Participants will experience 4 different projects that demonstrate the power of learning through content planning, 4C’s structures and engaging tech tools.

The Coaches Mindset to Personalized Learning 

1:00pm with Justin Thomas and Tyler Erwin 

This session will highlight ways instructional coaches can support teachers in their quest to personalize learning in the classroom. We’ll frame our discussion through the mindset of a coach and offer a beginner (Varsity), intermediate (College), and advanced (Pro) tips and tricks that will help everyone collaborate together effectively, integrate technology seamlessly, and create personalized learning opportunities for all students.

Bring a ‘Spark of Joy’ to Your PD!

Don’t forget to stop by our booth #343 to learn more about Edge•U Badges, a professional learning program educators can use anytime, anywhere! MACUL members can earn up to 100 SCECH hours within the program. To register for the next cohort through MACUL that begins March 30th and 31st, click here:!