Meet Dustin Rimmey, Our Learning Luminary!

What is Edge•U Badges?

Edge•U Badges is an instructional learning system designed by former teachers, for teachers, aimed at providing meaningful resources to directly impact student success. Edge•U Badges directly impacts student learning through microcredentials (badges), each crafted to support educators in all areas of technology-based learning. With over 280+ badges, the opportunities for expanding your PD are unlimited!

What are Learning Luminaries?

We are proud to highlight our valued partners of Edge•U Badges each month, celebrating their dedication and creativity in utilizing the badges they’ve earned within their instruction. Featured monthly, we are delighted to share the IMPACT of our badges, showcasing the positive outcomes for both educators and their students. By sharing their success stories, we aim to inspire others and foster a community where educators can find support, ideas, and JOY in their professional journey.

Dustin Rimmey serves as a high school Government and Economics Teacher, as well as the Director of Speech and Debate at Topeka Public Schools, our district partner in Kansas.
In his leisure time, Dustin is an enthusiast of Comics and Funko Pops, and you can find his hobby-related content on social media under the moniker “Comic Book Poser”!

Dustin’s students love any of the gamification badges! He states, “We’ve been using the “Fast and Curious” eduprotocol for about a month now, and they enjoy daily practice with content, whether it’s through Kahoot, Quizziz, or Blooket. The second badge that has been particularly popular is the Choice Board Creator badge, which has led to an increased use of choice boards!”

Dustin shared some things that have brought benefit to his professional learning with Edge•U:

“Edge•U has inspired me to not only teach this old dog new tricks but has pushed me to reflect on what I have done up to this point in my teaching career (15 years) and think about how I want to evolve and adapt how I engage each new group of students in taking control of their learning. 

I love how, unlike other forms of PD, Edge•U Badges requires samples of student work, which helps me get feedback from my new online bestie Jill on how to engage in best practices with my students! This is something that tends to never be on any PD provider’s radar. 

Finally, I love how it lets me reclaim my time and decide to learn what I want! If we think that is a model we should engage our students in, I love that Edge•U gives teachers a variety of choice options to level up our learning!”

As our Learning Luminary – keep shining brightly and inspiring others, Dustin!

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