Meet Igraine Latumbo, Our Learning Luminary!

What is Edge•U Badges?

Edge•U Badges is an instructional learning system designed by former teachers, for teachers, aimed at providing meaningful resources to directly impact student success. Edge•U Badges directly impacts student learning through microcredentials (badges), each crafted to support educators in all areas of technology-based learning. With over 280+ badges, the opportunities for expanding your PD are unlimited!

What are Learning Luminaries?

We are proud to highlight our valued partners of Edge•U Badges each month, celebrating their dedication and creativity in utilizing the badges they’ve earned within their instruction. Featured monthly, we are delighted to share the IMPACT of our badges, showcasing the positive outcomes for both educators and their students. By sharing their success stories, we aim to inspire others and foster a community where educators can find support, ideas, and JOY in their professional journey.

Igraine Lynnil Latumbo is a teacher and Math Interventionist at Zuni Public Schools in Zuni, New Mexico. 

She has enthusiastically shared her passionate perspective on educational technology and believes that Edge•U allows her to stay engaged in teaching through the use of the tools and resources that ensure success in the classroom!

Igraine strives to share her positive energy with students and colleagues! She states, “Learning about these tools has excited me to implement them in my classroom, allowing my students to have fun and learn. Teaching is an ongoing cycle, and it is essential for both students and teachers to continue learning in order to improve. I am grateful to EdgeU for providing me with this opportunity to enhance my teaching practice.”

Igraine joined Edge•U Badges in October 2023 and hasn’t looked back! She currently reached the TOP 10 position on our national LEADERBOARD earning over 177 badges! Congratulations and keep up the earning and learning!

One of her favorite badges to implement in the classroom is Blooket! She uses this educational tech tool to review with her students on addition/subtraction facts and word problems. This has increased engagement and enjoyment for math and they LOVE it!

Fun fact from Igraine: “I actually hated Math before I became a teacher! I took up Math Education in college and graduate school and have become a fervent Math educator, LOL!

Igraine’s excitement is contagious! She loves to search for new technology tools and determine how they can enhance education and create student interest and impact.

Her one piece of advice to a new Edge•U participant would be “HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING!”

Great advice from an amazing leader in the field of technology!

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