Meet our Learning Luminary!

What is Edge•U Badges?

Edge•U Badges is an instructional learning system designed by former teachers, for teachers, aimed at providing meaningful resources to directly impact student success. Edge•U Badges directly impacts student learning through microcredentials (badges), each crafted to support educators in all areas of technology-based learning. With over 280+ badges, the opportunities for expanding your PD are unlimited!

What are Learning Luminaries?

We are proud to highlight our valued partners of Edge•U Badges each month, celebrating their dedication and creativity in utilizing the badges they’ve earned within their instruction. Featured monthly, we are delighted to share the IMPACT of our badges, showcasing the positive outcomes for both educators and their students. By sharing their success stories, we aim to inspire others and foster a community where educators can find support, ideas, and JOY in their professional journey.

Circe Bridges is a gifted enrichment teacher, grades 6th-12th, at University View Academy, an online public charter school in Louisiana. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Louisiana State University. Circe joined Edge•U Badges in August 2023 and took off running! Her creative inventiveness and inclusion with her students set her apart as an outstanding educator! Her roles as a teacher, student, mother, and wife contribute to both her happiness and her coffee addiction!

In this Badges in Action shot, Circe is getting ready to meet virtually with a student to work on a coding project in Scratch for a pinball game after she earned the Scratch Smart badge!

She had a few things to share with our team:

“Edge•U is a wonderful wealth of technology resources trimmed into manageable chunks of information and time. Of course, I love learning new programs, but my favorite aspect of Edge•U is learning tricks and navigation tips in programs I use every day.

As teachers, when new programs or technology are introduced, we learn the basics, but many times, never graduate past the skills that are needed to run the program.

EdgeU is teaching me how to enjoy using these programs by demonstrating hidden tricks and example implementations in the classroom, all within 15-minute tutorials.”

As our Learning Luminary – keep shining brightly and inspiring others, Circe!

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