New Look, New Feel, New Features…SAME Spark of Joy!

Change can be fun, interesting, and productive. It often comes with diligent efforts to bring something new into focus that is beneficial to everyone. We have been hard at work all year implementing some big changes coming to Edge•U this summer. We’re so excited to share it as there are some amazing new features!

What’s included in this BIG newsflash!

Over the course of our many UX Focus groups for Edge•U, we heard from real participants giving feedback on the program. To have this kind of engagement and investment from our users is exactly what we needed to get a little creative and explore opportunities to make Edge•U even better.

You asked, we listened.The new build and web design of the program has real educator input to make it a more easy to use, streamlined program for educators. 

There will be a variety of new features that will roll out and become available over the summer, including:

  • Brand NEW, personalized, educator dashboard
  • Improved leaderboard listed by school, district, and all-time Edge•U superstar users
  • Enhanced visibility on badge status (i.e. approved, resubmit, in review, to do)
  • Completed badges categorized by ISTE standards
  • Added “favorite” feature to bookmark badges to complete later (to do)
  • Continuous view of yearly transcript available
  • And MANY more details to come!

What Exactly IS Edge•U Again?

We are so glad you asked! 

Edge•U is a professional development platform designed by teachers, for teachers, to guide educators in the utilization of technology tools and strategies for instructional leadership. 

The Edge•U platform is set up specifically so that participants earn “badges”, or micro-credentials, that correlate to a specific number of points (e.g. one to five) depending upon the scope and/or difficulty of required tasks. They provide evidence through the submission process to support the learned application. Edge•U reaches all learners with its broad net ranging from basic tech productivity tools to gaining national-level presenter status. 

No more elbow-nudges or eye-rolling gestures needed! Edge•U allows participants the chance to align their professional development goals to an anytime, anywhere learning platform and take control of their own objectives.

What’s Next and How Can I Get Involved?

Recently, Edge•U was reviewed alongside the ISTE Standards for Educators. The original 2020 Seal of Alignment review included the 110 Badges that were on the platform at that time, while this addendum report focused on the 108 Badges added since the last report that further increased the platform’s alignment. Read the addendum here. In addition, ALL of our badges align with ISTE standards and can be easily filtered in the new dashboard!

Don’t have Edge•U Badges? I hope we have piqued your interest and you are thinking, “sign ME up!”, because it’s easy to get started and explore all that we offer. Click here to set up a time to meet up with our team and walk through the program, the personalized benefits, and customized pricing for your district!