“Reignite Your Passion for Teaching” – A Yearlong Webinar Series Recap

Hey there, amazing educators! Over the past year, we embarked on a yearlong webinar series entitled “Reignite Your Passion for Teaching.” Our goal was to support teachers who were struggling to adapt to the realities of teaching post-COVID and help them rekindle their love for teaching. We divided the series into three focuses: improving connection, enhancing the learning experience, and making learning tasks more authentic. In this blog post, we’ll provide a recap of each webinar and the valuable insights shared throughout the series.

August 2022 – Build Connection with Students:

Friendships, laughter, and trust – oh my! This webinar emphasized the importance of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with students to foster positive classroom culture and reignite your passion for teaching. Various strategies were shared to help teachers better connect with students throughout the school year.

September 2022 – Connect with Colleagues:

Teamwork makes the dream work! Creating connections with fellow teachers is vital for boosting morale and promoting unity. This webinar featured ideas for enhancing collaboration and contributing to a positive school culture by better connecting with colleagues.

October 2022 – Connect with the Community:

Let’s take it outside the classroom! By connecting with the community, students gain valuable insights into their role within it. In this webinar, we explored methods for teachers to better share their classroom “story” and foster a sense of educational excellence within their local community.

November 2022 – Reimagine the Learning Environment:

Classroom magic starts with an inspiring environment! An inspiring and engaging learning environment is crucial for both students and teachers. This webinar highlighted how teachers can create an exciting and motivating space for their students to learn.

December 2022 – Personalize Learning for All Students:

Learning is best when it’s personal. To empower students and make learning more meaningful, this webinar discussed personalizing instruction based on student interests and passions, ultimately fostering a sense of ownership over their learning journey.

January 2023 – Deliver Memorable Learning Experiences:

Who said learning couldn’t be fun? Memorable learning experiences often stem from curiosity and culminate in a meaningful product. This webinar explored ways teachers can incorporate student choice, authentic sources, and critical thinking skills into their lessons.

February 2023 – Create Authentic Learning Experiences:

Let’s get real! By integrating authentic learning opportunities, teachers can address real-life issues and engage student interests. This webinar shared ideas for incorporating authentic learning experiences into instructional practice.

March 2023 – Assess Learning in Authentic Ways:

Ditch the boring tests! This webinar focused on the importance of authentic assessments, providing strategies for teachers to better evaluate student learning and reinforce key knowledge throughout the process.

April 2023 – Provide Students with an Authentic Audience:

Drumroll, please! Finally, we discussed the power of connecting students with authentic audiences to celebrate their creative work and reinforce the importance of being creators, not just consumers, of information.

So, as we transition into summer and conclude another yearlong webinar series, we hope that the insights and strategies shared have inspired and equipped you to rediscover your love for teaching. With renewed passion and these practical ideas, you can continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of your students, colleagues, and the community. Keep shining, superstars!
P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the content summarized above, you can watch any of these webinars on-demand at www.forward-edge.net/webinars. All of our webinars are free, about 30 minutes in length, and relevant for K-12 educators and instructional coaches everywhere; and, we look forward to seeing you again in August for our 2023-2024 webinar series!