Tis the Season for Vision & Leadership

There is nothing like positive, reassuring affirmation.

Whether it is personal, professional, or a combination of both, we are hardwired to seek authentic validation. Many of us understand that in order for leadership to be successful, there must be a steady foundation of vision. 

Vibrant vision gives direction and creates a life of purpose.

As a former elementary educator, I often found myself believing the lie that “I am not really a leader,” on several occasions. While I crafted a safe, inclusive, learning environment for my students, I always felt that there was SO much more I could do to lead and guide them in the classroom. It was as if something was just…missing, despite the commendations and favorable observation feedback from administrators.

Edge•U was the catalyst that supported my vision and leadership in the classroom. The resources and tools that I discovered lifted my spirits as I jumped into the opportunities ahead of me!

Each time I allowed my thoughts to drift toward that fallacy, I quickly realigned my attitude, pedagogy, and wisdom back to my vision. Ah, YES –  that vibrant vision again. I took my discontentment and turned it towards the tangible passion that I could confidently identify. 

Leadership IS vision. 

It’s that keen ability to focus your undivided attention in concentrating on the things that matter. It zeros in on the type of leader you aspire to be, the goals you choose to master, and the accomplishments you want to achieve that are highlighted in your dreams.

So, what stops us? What prevents our visions from ‘sticking’? Maybe it’s lack of time, energy, motivation, stress, exhaustion…the list goes on. These are ongoing unavoidable circumstances that continue to muddy the waters of leadership. It is almost impossible to not constantly chase after what is coming up next, to look ahead at what needs to be done, and where we need to go before we have even partially acknowledged what we have already accomplished.

There is something inherently attractive about staying connected as we accelerate from one activity to the next, determined to grab hold of those big dreams we are chasing. Think about this. Decelerating a speeding car is one way to slow it down. Tapping the brakes works, too. Slamming hard down on that pedal will come to a jolting halt. There are different ways to reduce the speed of the rush of our lives. Only when we can pause, reflect, and rest do we intentionally elevate all that we are.

In this season of leadership (yes, YOU are a leader!) recognize that successful vision can happen even if we are not racing at full speed. We can shift perceptions and visualize what will help establish a low-key routine to bring harmony and balance. 

First, let’s lean in on a strong support system. This is how our team here at Forward Edge works together to make pursuing our ambitions all the more rewarding. We are a group who keep each other afloat and accountable as we manage to muddle through the daily chaos and challenges to want what is best for educators.

Secondly, embrace the spontaneous, teachable moments outside of structured lesson plans. Yes, we need them too! I specifically remember when I submitted evidence and learned the Edge•U BookCreator badge. I had introduced it to my students, watched their eyes light up, as they took off creating their own books, the classroom abuzz with excitement and chatter! The exhilaration of the freedom that is attached to allow students (and leaders) to take risks, brilliantly problem-solve, and find their real-world strengths is intensely rewarding.

Finally, master the art of leading with vibrant vision and navigate away from any opposition that compromises evolving goals. What ‘should be’ and ‘could be’ – CAN be. There is something to be said for leaders that persevere to learn, unlearn, and relearn new technological skills taught through programs such as Edge•U in order to effectively invest in today’s students. Make your leadership an exploration that will bring new adventures in all aspects of life’s journey.

  • What is your vibrant vision for your professional life?
  • What is your vibrant vision for your family life?
  • What is your vibrant vision for your personal life?