Edge•U Badges +  ISTE Certified Educator Community = ONE AMAZING PARTNERSHIP

At Edge•U, we are all about keeping educator engagement alive with challenges and incentives, because WHO doesn’t love a little healthy competition?

Edge•U Badges is excited to announce the inaugural ISTE Certified Educator Edge•U Badges Challenge collaboration! We are bringing access to our badge program directly to 125 global educators and leaders of the ISTE Certified Educator Community for FREE. ISTE Certified Educators can learn, earn, implement, and earn up to 50 points toward their ISTE Certification renewal over the course of ONE full year! 

I’m Up for the Challenge. Tell Me More!

Since 2020, Edge•U Badges holds the honorable distinction of the ISTE Seal of Alignment for Educator Standards, which continues to be a result of effective teamwork and dedication to excellence. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the premier nonprofit membership organization and dynamic edtech community that serves to inspire educators and innovative educational leaders around the globe. ISTE is committed to empowering connected learners who are passionate about using technology to supplement and transform pedagogic instruction in the classroom.

ISTE Certification for Educators provides internationally-recognized credentials for educators who have demonstrated mastery of the ISTE Standards for Educators. ISTE Certification programs challenge educators to deepen pedagogy and best practice in order to gain recognition for specific leadership skills. Whether it is a straightforward tech tool or a complex strategy, ISTE Certified Educators are prepared to model and integrate technology with schools and communities around the world.

By following the ISTE standards, Edge•U Badges acknowledges the unique creation of solutions and connections that improve opportunities for all learners through practical guidance, evidence-based professional development, virtual networks, and informational programs that promote critical thinking. 

Edge•U is set up so that educators can earn “badges”, or micro-credentials, that correlate to a specific number of points depending upon the scope and/or difficulty of required tasks and provide evidence to support the application. Edge•U reaches all learners with its broad net ranging from basic tech productivity tools to gaining national-level presenter status. Edge•U allows participants the chance to align their professional development goals to an anytime, anywhere learning platform.

Let’s Recap the Details:

If you are a part of the 125 global educators and leaders in the ISTE Certified Educator community, you now have access to the following challenge!

  • Gain access to the Edge•U Badges program for FREE.
  • ISTE Certified Educators can learn, earn, implement, and earn up to 50 points toward their ISTE Certification renewal.
  • Access is available to these educators and leaders over the course of ONE full year! 

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