Join Us (Virtually) at ISTE21 Live!

The ISTE Conference will be virtual again this year and we couldn’t be more excited to share some great presentations from our Curriculum & Technology Integration team with you! In addition to this, you can visit our virtual booth any day throughout the conference to chat with our team about Edge•U Badges!

Our team of Curriculum and Technology Integration will be presenting at various times throughout the conference, which runs from June 26th- June 30th, 2021. Presenting at this year’s conference are – Brooke Conklin, Justin Thomas, Tracee Keough, Molly Lutts, and Lisa Kuhn. Learn more about their sessions below and add them to your calendars!

Sunday, June 27th

The Hybrid Coach- Coaching in a Digital Space with Tracee Keough and Molly Lutts at 4:15-5:00 pm

This session will walk through a variety of different ways that coaches can support teachers in a digital and face to face environment with constant transition. The session will cover different models of workshops that can be done, applying collaborative Feedback sessions to coaching conversations, helping teachers self-reflect using the 4C’s rubric as well as covering formal coaching cycles in a different, less stressful way.

Monday, June 28th

2,4,6,8! How Can We Collaborate? With Lisa Kuhn at 5:30 pm

Teachers sometimes see tech coaches as “too techy” and who offer tech solutions that are just too far over their heads. Collaboration is one way to overcome this perception. Teachers and coaches alike, come explore how to learn from and with each other!

Tuesday, June 29th

ISTE Seal of Alignment Poster Session: Personalized Professional Learning in the Post-COVID World at 1:15pm PDT

Edge•U is an anywhere/anytime professional learning solution that supports teachers in their understanding and implementation of technology tools and strategies in the classroom. This micro-credentialing program creates sustainable change in teacher practice through the use of online tools, and ultimately improves student learning experiences and outcomes! Join our live poster session to learn more about the program!

Wednesday, June 30th

Becoming a Historical Story Teller: Using EdTech Tools with Brooke Conklin and Justin Thomas at 4:15-5:00 pm

In this presentation, teachers will learn how to use educational technology tools to help bring history alive as a relevant subject matter for all students. By reexamining how we teach history, we can help students make connections to the past and engage in self discovery. With the right edtech tools, you can allow your students to become the historical storyteller and truly illustrate how history has impacted all of us in today’s world.

Cultivating Collaboration – EdTech Playground with Tracee Keough and Lisa Kuhn at 4:15-5:00 pm 

Tech integration seed planted, check. This presentation will explore how to spread the fertilizer so educators can benefit from collaborative efforts, with you and their colleagues. 

What We’re Excited About…

“This year ISTE will be virtual, once again. While I do miss enjoying the typical live ISTE conference sessions, I am looking forward to the online experience mostly because of ease of access. Virtually, you can pop into the sessions that interest you with ease. There are no lines for entry, no room capacity limits, or trying to navigate crowded conference halls to find the room of your session. I’m looking forward to attending more sessions than I would normally be able to because those physical barriers won’t exist this year. I’m also looking forward to the creativity that will be on display post-covid. This year all teachers were pushed to adopt technology in record speeds. This has led to a lot of really creative uses for technology in the classroom and I’m very excited to witness some of those examples at ISTE this year.”

-Brooke Conklin

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